I know that many consider my hobby as being childish. It’s ok, I don’t mind 🙂 To them (and not only to them) I dedicate this page, because:

I am interested in almost all kinds of gum inserts: Turbo, Lazer, Tipitip, Kobra, Patbom, Donald, bi-bib, Final, Mertsan, Bombibom, Oto Moto, All Sport, Minti, etc. You have something at home and you’re not interested in? If I need them, I can buy them from you. Write me at gum.inserts@gmail.com or leave a comment with your email address in the form below and I will contact you. I can pay you by Western Union or PayPal, so it doesn’t matter where are you from.

Below are only a few of the gum inserts series i am interested to buy. Click the photos to see the entire series.

Turbo 1-50



Turbo Sport 1-70 violet



Turbo Sport 211-280



Turbo Sport 401-470









LAZER “center”



Final ’86



Oto Moto 101-200



Kobra 1-50 blue



Thanks in advance for everyone who will help me complete my collection.
– The gum inserts collector


37 Responses to “##### I BUY BUBBLE GUM INSERTS #####”

  1. i have many of them.please write me

  2. hello , i am from france , but i was born in soviet union in 1979, i remember in 80s i just loved chewing gum donald and i collected pictures , it’s was so fun, tell me where i can get theses chewing gums? or pictures

  3. Hello.
    Unfortunately these gums are not on the market anymore. If you are interested in buying gum inserts i can help you with some.

    • Hello! I would like to buy this gum. I am living in Hungary. Can you help me how and where can i buy it? Thanks

  4. Do you want to buy bubble gums, or just the inserts?

  5. I have bombibom collection 1-60,e-mail: emil_terezov@abv.bg

  6. Hello, i am from Bulgaria and i sell a big collection of BI BIB gum inserts. The collection includes numbers 85 and 133.

  7. Hello.I have got many gum inserts.Turbo,Turbo sport,BomBibom,TipiTip,Lazer(smaller/bigger versions).,OtoMoto,Love Is,Donald.Some are full collection,some aren’t.Willing to sell.

  8. HI I have these : 11,22,24,42,43,44,45,46,47,51

  9. Hi.
    I’m interesting in many gum wrappers, also have some for trade or sale.
    If you like, you can contact me – fergus_fron@mail.ru

  10. I have full collection of OTO MOTO 1-100.

  11. hi! can you help me ?! I need Konvoy mertsan inserts … write me please ,thnx

  12. My collection:

    willing to accept reasonable offers

  13. G’day guys i was fortunate enough to visit Turkey in 1982, in that time i got addicted to the bi-bip chewing gum and the pictures inside them:) after running into this site I checked my box of collections from child hood days, and yep you guessed it over 200 inserts some very good condition some just have seen better days. i remember we used to gamble with them as kids and then sell them to those who wanted to play:) i am happy to depart from them now, anyone interested can email me at tony@ttthome.com.au

  14. please write me what numbers you need, if i have them i write you on your mail..

  15. Я да пишем на кирилица, и без това водим в класацията.

  16. cum pot sa fac rost de varianta scanata la TURBO MUSCLE CAR?

  17. nu are nimeni in vinzare gume turbo anilor 90 ?

  18. Hi! I have some collection of turbo,bombibom and top gun inserts.I want to sell it.Write me about details.Thanks!

  19. Hi all!!!
    there you can find some inserts


    this link – global search with INSERTS word on russian site AVITO.RU:

  20. I was an avid collector as a kid and I probably have all the turbo colections several times over. And a lot of other gun insert collections, tell me what you need and we’ll discuss it.

  21. hi .i have some turbo gum inserts.and i have turbo sport 345678.i might sell them nice ofer 🙂

  22. Hey. I have ALL Turbo Sports you need. For fotos and the price you wanna pay please contact me via eMail.
    Best regards

  23. Hi,
    I have a collection , mainly German bank notes. Would you be interested in buying them.If so I have left my e-mail address

  24. I have Turbo:
    51 – 120, plus 125,129,132,136, 155, 164, 172, 181, 203
    8, 13, 20, 55, 82
    Again BomBibom, but looks diferent:
    3, 24, 34, 53
    And I’m not sure, bur maybe it was full collection, maybe 2 or 3 missing from bi-bib – must check what was exactly.
    Also some Final, but have to look which numbers.

  25. I have got a turbo super insert number 460, are you interested in?

  26. Need oto-moto 1-100 whats the price?

  27. I’ve just started collecting Turbo inserts: https://jimholroyd365.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/bubble-gum-cards/

  28. Hi, I have some of Final 86, if you still want them?

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