Formula 1 ’92

This is the first of the two Motorshow Formula 1 series. You will notice the lack of numbers 13, 18 and 31. Thanks to Razvan Dumitrache, to whom with this occasion I want to thank, I found that the absence of these numbers is not a mistake of the Turks as it is in other series’ case. The numbers on the inserts are the same with the ones the Formula 1 cars had that year. In 1991 Ayrton Senna won the F1 championship and according to regulations, he and his colleague from McLaren Honda team received numbers 1 and 2. Number 13 is never granted in F1, and teams who received numbers 18 and 31 withdrew that year.

Like in Lazer blue‘s case, most of the inserts are poorly cut.





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  1. I have a series without № 8 25 26 29 32 if you have suggestions mail

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