The Flintstones 1-50 (1994)


Fred, Wilma & Pebbles Flintstone; Barney, Betty & Bamm-Bamm Rubble; Dino & Hoppy, etc.

This series of Stone Age adventures is missing number 42 – probably the Turks forgot to print it – but in compensation there is a version of #36 on which the text was printed in the mirror.

Another particularity of this series is the fact that it is… “trilingual”. Under the image there are English and Russian translations for the Turkish text.








The oddity of this series, no. 36:


bubble gum chewing gum inserts the flintstones 1-50 1994 collection gum wrappers Вкладыши жевательная резинка obrazki kolekcje gumy guma Hanna Barbera Productions stone age


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