DONALD [1-103]

Another strange series: 103 gum inserts without numbers. On all of them it is written © Walt Disney Productions, so it is possible that this time someone paid royalties, unlike for Turbo series…









ML maple leaf donald 1-103 bubble gum chewing gum inserts collection gum wrappers Вкладыши жевательная резинка obrazki kolekcje gumy guma


16 Responses to “DONALD [1-103]”

  1. How do you know the order of this set?

  2. I have the orginal pack with chewing gum and commic closed !

  3. What is the size of Donald inserts?

  4. I have my collection – big Donald insert, to sell ,if anyone are interested please write:
    I have inserts fix & foxi too.

  5. Is Donald gum available to buy anywhere?

  6. Hi! I’ve some Donald inserts and I want to sell them, please write:
    Thanks and bye

  7. Hello, you have a great collection! I myself have been collected, when I was 10 years old , I remember those times though. Can you tell how much all these must be agreed that there should be a full collection ? Thanks in advance , Karina

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