GTi Auto

The first of the four series of GTi gum inserts contains 25 cars.

Because they were not numbered, the gum inserts can be arranged in any random way. I chose the alphabetical ordering because it is easier to find a certain one among others.

When it comes to inserts exchange, the GTi series has a problem due to the lack of numbering. For example, while a list of “missings” for Turbo 51-120 would look like this: 57, 58, 60.76, 79, 90, 111, 118, for GTi Auto series would look as follows, being hard to read and follow: Alfa Romeo 156, BMW M Coupe De Tomaso BIUGA, LAMBORGHINI DIABLO, MERCEDES CLK 320, PORSCHE 911 GTI, SEAT IBIZA, SKODA OCTAVIA KIT CAR. A real pleasure …



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GTi Auto 1-25 bubble gum chewing gum inserts collection gum wrappers Вкладыши жевательная резинка obrazki kolekcje gumy guma


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