CUP 94 Football Stars

Good old times. Romania got in the same group with Switzerland, USA and Columbia. It was a group with all kinds of surprises: Switzerland made draw with USA, USA defeated Columbia, and the golden Romanian generation qualifies first in its group after beating Colombia and USA entering the eight’s finals and playing against Argentina…

Let’s not forget the group of Mexico, Italy, Ireland and Norway, where all teams have finished with 4 points and a goal difference of 0, the assassination of Escobar after his unfortunate own goal in the match played against USA, or the amazing Bulgaria defeating Mexico and Germany.

Returning to the pictures below, the Turks did not have the patience to pick 70 football players, and so a few were printed twice. In 1994, it was hard working to use Photoshop or Corel…










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  1. I have full collection.
    Expect to see that there is interest.

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