Final ’90

Coppa del Mondo – Italy 1990. Romania hadn’t been qualified for the final tournament since 1970. Within the Groups we were defeated by Roger Milla’s Cameroon (who scored twice in 10 minutes), we beat the Russians with two goals scored by Lacatus and had a tie with Argentina. Cameroon defeated Argentina and, as a result, we qualified on group’s 2nd place in quarters. Ireland sent us home with 5-4 after penalty and Germany defeated Argentina with 1-0 in the final.

Among the 70 series of inserts you will see alongside others Marius Lacatus, Gheorghe Hagi, Rodion Camataru (even though he didn’t play in any game) and two future to be coaches of “Steaua Bucharest” team: Oleh Protasov and Walter Zenga.









Imnul oficial al campionatului.

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8 Responses to “Final ’90”

  1. Thank you very much for those collections. They bring happy childhood memories! 🙂 Do you have them in higher resolution ? Thank you!

  2. Salut, m-ar interesa din FINAL 90 , nr 51 ZAVAROV…care ar fi pretul?Multumesc.

  3. eventual din Final 92 ?

  4. Thank you VM !!! Really nice souvenirs from my childhood :))

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