Turbo home-made 1

This IS NOT a series of gum inserts that once wrapped a chewing gum. What you see here are 51 … hand-made pseudo-gum inserts. They have been made by a former collector and are in my possession due to his goodwill.
What you see here is the only set created, so there are the only of this kind. I know, anyone can do this at home, so no need you to remember me. They cannot be considered gum inserts and they are not related to Turbo gum either than by their format, but I like them and so I made them a part of my collection.

There are two numbers 40, so we can say that this series is also special 🙂








turbo gum hand made bubble gum chewing gum inserts collection wrappers Вкладыши турбо obrazki kolekcje gumy guma cars


One Response to “Turbo home-made 1”

  1. This series looks awesome although it is not an original. It reminds me to the first Turbo from 1 do 190 which were very picturesque 🙂 The selection of cars is awesome too. I’ve started collecting wrappers just few weeks ago as a memory of my great 80’s childhood, but I don’t have plans to collect them so seriously since I have few more hobbies as well :)))

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