Turbo Sport 2003 1-99 RUS

The Russians thought to copy the Turks and they also issued two Turbo series, each with 99 pieces. Here is the Sport series. The format is identical to the “homonymous” Turkish series, but the text below the image is in Russian.
These are the hardest to find among all the Turbo series, because there were never sold outside of Russia and the Russians take full advantage of this by selling them (if they do it…) at enormous prices.
Currently I am the only Romanian Turbo fan that has both complete sets and even more, in an excellent condition. I do not know any other Romanian to have more than 3-4 in the collection, so you can get an idea of how rare they are.
I have some for exchange too, so if you have something interesting leave me a comment or write me at gum.inserts@gmail.com and we may exchange them.















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