Turbo 261-330, thin frame

The same cars as in previous series, but with two differences:
– the picture frame is thinner than in the previous series, hence the difference between the two variants as “thick” and “thin”:

– the different thickness of a graphic element is not enough to consider this variant of the 261-330 series totally different from the first one and it is not a reason to collect them separately. But there is a clear difference that shows that the thin version is indeed a separate series: the cars from inserts #315 and #318 are reversed:


So, as you did not know, there are two series 261-330. Until now 🙂










turbo 261-330 thin frame kent bubble gum chewing gum inserts collection gum wrappers Вкладыши турбо жевательная резинка obrazki kolekcje gumy guma cars


2 Responses to “Turbo 261-330, thin frame”

  1. The first 8 inserts of the series are not pictured. Why?

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