Turbo 191-260

The business went so well that the Turks have put in 191-260 series cars that were not to be ever seen or exist. “Prototype” is the most common word in this series. Another detail: ads for their other brands begin to appear in the gum inserts: Kent, Kent Assortment, Jelibon, Frutty, a sign that the spread of Turbo gum was pretty big at that time.











turbo 191-260 bubble gum chewing gum inserts collection gum wrappers Вкладыши турбо жевательная резинка obrazki kolekcje gumy guma cars


3 Responses to “Turbo 191-260”

  1. I have a collection of 261-470 TURBO KENT, also from 1-72 TURBO SPORT missing № 71. I have BESTTEST ot 1-37 № GSM 0876 197 185 call me

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