Turbo 121-190

Remember Vector, the fastest car of all Turbo gum inserts? (322 kph)?
Seria Turbo 121-190 difera de celelalte serii prin doua aspecte:
– la 6 surprize textul de sub imagine exista in 2 variante
– masinile din aceasta serie sunt ordonate alfabetic dupa nume. Ati putea spune ca numarul 131 strica aceasta ordine, insa denumirea corecta a masinii este DE TOMASO PANTERA, deci totul e OK 🙂 Aceeasi ordonare o vom mai intalni la seriile Turbo Super 101-154.
















121-190 series is not the only of its kind. You will see other series having the same issues.


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2 Responses to “Turbo 121-190”

  1. повторы норм))

  2. Hello! Do you have a duplicates of numbers 156 and 175?

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