TURBO, short introduction.

TURBO, Turbo, turbo…

For any collector of gum inserts, Turbo was the milestone of the entire collection. Cars couldn’t miss from any collection. Not everyone collected Final, Cincin, Bombibom or Minti, but everyone had Turbo.
There are between 22 and 28 series of Turbo inserts and this is because:

– some series exist in two or three variants with the same image but with one or two graphic differences (color, the thickness of some graphic elements, lack of text, etc.). For some collectors, the differences are too small to be taken into consideration, others collect them separately. For this reason the total number of gum inserts in the collection varies between 1626 and 2030.

– as if this was not enough, there are two series of 99 gum inserts that were not produced in Turkey, but in… Russia. Again, some collectors believe that they should not be part of the collection, and again, others collect them.

Until someone will publish an “official” catalog for Turbo collection, each chooses where to stop, especially as the Russian ones are very difficult to find (at this point I do not know any other Romanian collector to have the entire series). As for myself, I have chosen to stop at 2030 inserts.

On the next pages you can see my Turbo gum inserts collection, finally seeing the light of the web after years spent in the dark shoe box 🙂 Currently this is the only complete collection of Turbo in Romania and among the very few in Europe. However I am still interested in some series to replace the inserts in poor condition, so if you have gum inserts, please contact me at gum.inserts@gmail.com

Browse my collection, and if you have any questions or comments, share them with me.


Turbo 1-50


Turbo 51-120


Turbo 121-190


Turbo 191-260


Turbo 261-330 thick frame


Turbo 261-330 thin frame


Turbo 261-330 thin frame, silver


Turbo Super 331-400


Turbo Super 401-470


Turbo Super 471-540


Turbo Classic 1-70 with ”CLASSIC”


Turbo Classic 1-70 without ”CLASSIC”


Turbo Classic 71-140


Turbo Sport 1-70 blue


Turbo Sport 1-70 violet


Turbo Sport 71-140


Turbo Sport 141-210


Turbo Sport 211-280


Turbo 2000 71-140


Turbo Sport 401-470


Turbo Sport 471-540 thick S


Turbo Sport 471-540 thin S


Turbo Sport 2003 1-99 turkish


Turbo Super 2003 1-99 turkish


Turbo Super 2007 101-154 with ”SUPER”


Turbo Super 2007 101-154 without ”SUPER”


Turbo Sport 2003 1-99 russian


Turbo Super 2003 1-99 russian


Turbo home-made 1


Turbo home-made 2


Turbo stuff


7 Responses to “TURBO, short introduction.”

  1. !

  2. Awesome! Thank you for putting this together – it was really interesting to check it out. Greeting from Bulgaria!

  3. […] во вкладышах было очень мало. В основном, автомобили. Вот здесь есть огромная коллекция, тщательно отсортированная […]

  4. […] you had to buy and chew and all the cards you needed to swap to get a decent collection of the Turbo cars cards, which were all the rage and a must-have for any socially aspiring school kid. We spent ages […]

  5. Brings back so many childhood memories from Ukraine.

    Hello from California

  6. awesome collection and awesome work mate!

  7. […] articolului din această lună: o surpiză din noua colecție de gumă (ciungă) Turbo, achiziționată de la o tarabă din parc. Aroma este satisfăcător de asemănătoare celei […]

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