About me.

Turbo, bi-bib, Final, Lazer, Tipi-Tip, Bombibom, OtoMoto, Pembo, Cin-Cin, Kobra, Mertsan, Cup ’94, Minti, Cola, Ask Meleği, Patbom, Motor Show, Top Gun, Pembo… Do you remember them?

The undersigned is one of the few collectors of gum inserts who did not abandon their childhood hobby. Or, to be more specific, he put it on hold for about 13 years and when he discovered the internet he took out the shoebox from under the bed. Long live technology that brings people (and especially collectors) together !

Currently my collection consists of over 11,000 gum inserts, cards and stickers. It’s one of the largest collections in Romania and it seems that I’m the only one in my country that possesses the complete collection of Turbo series.

For this type of collection, the (modified) saying Value is in the eye of the beholder is perfectly fit. Unlike stamps and banknotes, gum inserts are not “officially” recognized as collectibles, so there are no catalogs or albums and therefore they have no official value. Because of their lack of material value, many threw them away, but exactly this is one of the reasons I collect them. I think that would be a pity for them to be lost. Do not forget that some collect buttons, beads, toothpicks…

If you want to be up to date with all my new gum inserts acquisitions I post on this site, use the form on the upper right corner.
Another easy option is Facebook: facebook.com/colectionarul.de.surprize. I will mention every site update in the profile page, so you can add me as friend anytime.

If amongst you there are current or former collectors willing to make exchanges, donations or just want to get rid of their gum inserts for a money compensation, then please click here:

Have a nice browsing. Start with TURBO, of course 🙂


16 Responses to “About me.”

  1. hi there i am from bulgaria and i posted you for all my gum inserts—turbo sport blue my numbers are 2,5,13,17,18,19,21,24,25,26,27,28,33,
    Turbo Sport 71-140 my numbers are 72,79,87,92,101
    Turbo 261-330, thin frame, silver i have number-287,293,306,311,325
    Turbo Sport 141-210 my numbers are-141,143,145,150,151,153,154,155,156,165,166,171,177,178,179,
    Turbo Super 331-400 number 358
    Turbo Super 401-470 my numbers are 432,469
    Turbo Super 471-540 numbers-472,473,474,476.477,478,479,480,481,483,484,486,488,489,
    Turbo 2000 71-140 number 85
    Turbo Sport 2003 1-99 turkish number 73

    total 86 ,so i am waiting you for your respond

  2. please help me, i really want to buy some of donald gums, my email is agnecebatoriute@yahoo.com, thanks

  3. @agne: unfortunately Donald is not on the market anymore. If you find somewhere a few gums, most probable they are not edible anymore 🙂

  4. Help complete the collection!
    Looking for:
    Turbo 2000 71-140
    Turbo 2000 211-280
    Turbo Sport 2003 turkish
    Turbo Super 2003 turkish
    Turbo Super 2003 turkish
    Turbo Super 2003 turkish-2 or 2003 Turbo Super turkish-3
    Offered horishy exchange of different inserts.
    Write to maximus_com@mail.ru

  5. Ищу обёртки на обмен или продажу от жевательной резинки Turbo Kent! Буду рад любому сообщению – http://turbobank.clan.su/index/wrappers/0-4

  6. Please email me and let me no where i can buy some….

  7. Hi, If someone want to exchange turbo wrappers please write to me – mateuszmikr@wp.pl.

  8. Hello,
    I am interested in buying any bubblegum inserts issued for any World Cups or European Championships.

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